Website infected? Hostgai911 can fix it fast.

  • One-time emergency malware removal
  • Returns your website to a clean state

Malware Cleaner
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How Hostgai911 works


First we download all your files to our secure server to avoid further damage to your site. Then we go through the code to find malware.


Next we remove every bit of malware from your code. We also close security gaps and the backdoors that hackers use to break into your site.

Back in business

Once all your site files are clean, we upload the restored files to your server. So you can get back to business as usual.

Site clean? Keep it that way with one of our protection plans


We begin working on your website within minutes of purchase.

The time it takes to clean it will depend on two factors:

Size of your website. A 1MB website will download almost immediately. A 50GB website will take longer.

Complexity of the problem. A website with one infected file will be fixed almost immediately. If every file on the website is infected, it can take much longer.

No, there are no size limits with Hostgai911

Hostgai911 malware cleaner handles most websites with ease but with new malware appearing all the time, there are no guarantees. If you happen to be afflicted with a brand new infection or hack, GaiLock will work with you to make sure your website is restored.

Unfortunately, no. If the hacker automated the attack, it could keep happening. And GaiLock911 doesn’t protect against future attacks, so your site could get infected again. We offer preventive Hostgai911 plans with daily scans to keep your website malware-free.

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