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Our team prepared one of the best products to fight against malware and hackers trying to attack your websites to steal sensitive information or damage system. Malware is a malicious software that interferes with the most standard computer operations gaining access to personal computer systems and gather private data.
Anti-Malware solutions scan websites for any type malicious hiding in source-code. Most products we offer comes with Dynamic Site Seal logo to attract your customers and show them the website is protected and safe.


Comodo operates blacklist monitoring service with powerful cloud-base malware called Web Inspector. It mainly developed for medium and large website scan. WI (Web Inspector) brings security to the highest level of industry standards. WI notifies the owner of the site if any known malware discovered or if a site detected in blacklists of the main search engines for any reason via instant email notifications. Immediate notification helps owners of the sites to reduce any risks of inclusion in blacklists.
Comodo Web Inspector is not just blacklisting utility or anti-malware, it is also full-fledged PCI scan based on top-rated technology from Comodo Hacker Guardian. That helps website owners maintain compliance with Payment Card Industry’s (PCI) mandatory rules and standards. We prepared benefits/feature comparison table below to help you choose the best plan suitable to your customers and company.


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Comodo HackerProof™ is a fantastic vulnerability scanning product allowing to get a report identifying any security holes or active malware in your website. The report includes recommendations how to fix and make a site secure enough to let a merchant bank trust you with online payments. You will receive a Secure Site Seal logo to notify your visitors about site trustworthy. Up to five servers are ready for scheduling PCI scan each quarter. Extra IP address packs are available.
Comodo experience shows that a visual indicator, like HackerProof Site Seal, helps increase sales conversions. The product comes with a reliable daily scanning engine based on global standards. The price includes “SiteInspector” – website security analyzing scanner solution from a visitor’s point of view; it also has HackerProof trust mark and Daily Vulnerability Scanning Service.

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Comodo HackerProof™

Maximum # of IP Addresses *  20
PCI Scans Per Quarter *  Unlimited
ASV Scan Report Included  * Yes
SAQ v3.0 with Live Support  * Yes
Daily Website Vulnerability Scans * 1 domain
HackerProof Trust Mark * 1 domain


GeoTrust Web Site Anti-Malware Scan

Website hacking is a modern way to work against competitors and to damage the online business. The cost-effective solution from GeoTrust scans sites daily for malware infection. Regular Anti-malware scan and monitoring help to clean-up the infected site quickly. You will receive instant alerts identifying malicious code for quick removal of any possible malware. GeoTrust Anti-malware provides dynamic site seal logo that should be placed on the site to ensure visitors the website is safe to browse and use.

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